A little breather from #Gezi news, a little update from us

gezi_supporters_NYCIt’s been a very intense and interesting time since our last post, to say the least. I’ve been glued to news and updates from Turkey, while Hilal has been in the thick of it all in istanbul. You can imagine the mix of worry, excitement, sadness and hope that’s been engulfing me, and other Turkish people living here, watching and following from far away. It’s hard to not be there when you really, really want to be, isn’t it? Wherever “there” is, that you feel that strong connection with.

So with that, I’d like to finally get to some updates I haven’t shared here in the meantime. First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our first fundraiser. The first support is so very crucial. It shows us (and the world) that there are people who really want to see this project come to life, who are willing to support it by putting their names out there, making financial contributions if they can, and believe this is worthy enough to get their own friends and families involved. We are grateful to everyone who is helping this film happen, those who sent money, those who are connecting us to other women who might be interested in the project, those who suggest possible sources of information or funding… Thank you, on behalf of the whole ToB team. We raised the $4,800 we were aiming for, and closed the fundraiser on gofundme. You can still visit the fundraiser page if you’re interested: http://www.gofundme.com/TurkishoftheBride

The most exciting news (at least for me) is that we now have a definite time frame for Hilal to come to New York. We’ve been planning this for a long time, and I’m thrilled it’s really happening soon. We are now both working on completing all the remaining shoots with a new spring in our step. There is a lot of new Istanbul footage coming that I can’t wait to see!  On my end, I’ve focused on applying to the grants and programs that might be a good fit for our film. Grantmakers and sponsors are very wary of directors who don’t already have a proven track record of successful financing or screening behind them. So it’s a toughie, but it’s essential to find the funds for the editing and finishing of the film. Sadly, we are not seeing the kind of support one might hope from Turkish-American organizations. I don’t want to criticize any of them here, I’m sure they are working with limited resources, but in the end, it looks like this film will be made with our own resources, support of family and friends, and maybe an American organization or two.  Just funny if you think about it, considering the content and subject matter.

If you have a friend who is married to someone from a different country, or is interested in multi-cultural relationships, or the experience of living as a “foreign bride”, or communicating with a second language –  would you recommend this blog to them? (The “follow” button is near the top right) You can also share our facebook page, too. And remember, we love to hear from you!  Just write your comments under any post that speaks to you.


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